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Illusia’s vision is to empower and energize each other, our audience and fellow artists! Since our first show in May of 2014 (operating under ElektroDolls). We have been forunate to work and perform with many talented artists, companies, and festivals such as:  12th planet, Donald Glaude, UZ, Taiki Nuilight, Huglife, Skism, Must Die, Kill Paris, Opiou, Petey Clicks, Kill Frenzy, Agent Orange, Alix Perez, DJ Soup, El Papachango, Woodhead, Shades, Truth, RockWell, Skii tour, Neighbour, Aaron Jackson, Krafty kuts, Koyote Kisses, Stickybuds, Perkulator, Bladerunner, Chimpo, Greazus, Kermode, Liquid Stranger, Rekoil, stwo, Wheel House Productions, Future Roots, Blueprint AB, United Bass Kollective, Free Love, Caturday Crew, Shambhala Music Festival, Astral Harvest and many more!

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