Illusia Performance Arts

Come Together

Sorinda Demeter


I find a lot of inspiration from watching and jamming with other performers. I love seeing what other performers and costume designers are up to. When I see others following their dreams and killin it in pursuing their passions, it inspires me to keep working hard and do what I love! I also find great inspiration in my team and seeing the final product when we all come together to create pure magic.

My best dancing memory is from Astral Harvest 2016. It had been raining all day and I was convinced that there was no way the festival could expect us to perform in the down-pour. We got ready anyways and when the time came, sure enough we performed in the rain. It was by far the most fun I have ever had performing. We did a steampunk circus clown theme and the costume was perfect for the weather. Our make-up being runny and our clothes getting wet and tattered just added more to the performance. This was the first time I really felt my character shining through. It was very empowering to be shining bright on stage in a costume that I made, looking and feeling exactly like myself, and having a blast splashing around in the rain with my best friends by my side. It was in this moment that I realized how much I am truly capable of and it was a moment of breakthrough for myself not only as a performer but as an individual.

My biggest passions are dancing, aerial arts, music and costumes! Luckily, performance art is a combination of them all. I am really passionate about the costume aspect of performance art. I love melting down Pinterest looking at photos of costumes, and creating inspiration boards for making my own costumes and costumes for my team. I feel that my costumes really allow my character and personality to shine through in my performance. I love blending aspects of different styles together to create looks that are fun and unique.




Brittany Silva


What inspires me is people coming together to share and appreciate each others passions. It is truly beautiful to see others work so hard, it helps fuel me as a performer and as an individual. It is the reason why I love the dance scene so much. Nothing moves me more then seeing someone love what they do.

My best dancing memory was performing for Alix Perex at Shambhala Music Festival 2016. One of my favourite DJs at one my favourite places. The whole crew was ecstatic , energy was high and we were feeling good! I’ve never had so much fun performing with my team and sharing our passion with everyone.

Outside of my passions for dancing and performing I am a passionate dog lover and the manager of a Dog Daycare and Boarding facility, The Second Pup. I also have 2 pups of my own, when I’m not working towards my performance goals, I am caring for the pups!



Nick Gaze


I am inspired by the desire to always be creating artistically while developing personal growth, physically and mentally. Also, watching fellow performers and artists influences me to try new things, aiming to be that much better of a performer.

My favourite dancing memory is when I was pulled on stage at the Labyrinth, at Shambhala Music and Arts Festival. I was scared out of my mind; Yet, I killed it and conquered my fears of hooping on stage at Shambhala. I received so much love and approval after that, which started the bliss of performing at Shambhala. It’s the small things that make such a big impact!

I am passionate about my career as a hairstylist, but also body movement. This involves yoga, aerial arts, hooping and dance. I also put a lot of time into creating, be it costume design, making synthetic dreads or drawing.


Nicole Enlighten


Music and Art are my deepest inspirations because they allows me to express myself in creative ways to ENlightEN myself and others.

My favorite dancing memory was in 2007 in Amsterdam, at Sensation with 50,000 people all dressed in white. TIESTO was the guest Dj. In the middle of the performance, giant colorful balloons fell from the ceiling and people were popping them open to read inspirational messages and passing them to each other in the crowd. So much LOVE and FUN!

I am passionate about living a healthy and happy life filled with dancing, singing, writing, painting, sewing, and cooking as well as learning and growing to my fullest potential. I love creating a community of Peace Love Unity Respect.




Katherine Bessette


Honestly, the women and men on this team inspire me infinitely. The commitment to creativity and its expression in all forms: costumes, movement, creating living art! – really lights my fire! The unique, powerful essence with which each member channels music through their body way feeds my soul. It’s truly the best that my friends are the ones that inspire me the most!!

My favourite performance memory has to be dancing main stage at Astral Harvest. The amount of energy on that stage is unreal and so transformative! And being up there with your friends, helping craft the energy of the moment is a true honour.

I am passionate about women supporting women – sisters supporting sisters, especially in this industry. As we let go of limiting beliefs of competition and jealousy, we can truly support one another in shining our brightest. There is room for us all to be – and to dance – side by side, in our full power!


Tara Stafford

Sage, Ignite, Care

What inspires this girl is the endless amounts of imagination that flourishes through out the grounds of all the festivals and being a natural born contributor of something so special and magical. The feeling of wholesomeness, unity, and belonging. The Moment of silence when absolutely everything connects together and there is this overwhelming sensation of home.

My favourite dancing memory was at Shambhala Music Festival 6 years ago, I got all dressed up with my top hat and fancy dance pants to go see Justin Martin at the Pagoda. I looked up at the shadow screens then back over to my boyfriend and best Friend and said “Thats it I’m going! If I’m not back in 20 mins look for me at that top screen.” I went back stage and the bouncer stopped me asking “Where I was going?” I then pointed up. He proceeded to ask where my pass was, I put my hands up and looked my self up and down, his eyes did the same and a long second later he said “Get up there!” and cheered me on the whole way to the top. My dream came true that year.

My passions are spreading beauty, sharing love and creating a comfortable feeling wherever I go. I am a lady of the land and ignite the heart. People and connection are my everything, I want to be able to give as much as I can. I feel dancing is one of my greatest gifts to offer the communities. Together we create a Royal reality. Help me, Help you, Help me, Help you. Together, Together.